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Re-Print Policy

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Re-Print Policy

At Goff Rugby Report we realize you might wish to refer to an article we wrote on your league or club website. But remember that the content on Goff Rugby Report, including the article copy and the photos, are copyrighted.

If you would like to re-post or re-print a story, please contact us at agoff@goffrugbyreport.com. If you would like to use photos on Goff Rugby Report, please contact us at agoff@goffrugbyreport.com and we will let you know if the reprinting is up to us, right-free, or whether you need to contact the photographer.

We do not support re-posting articles on other websites. If you want to refer to an article, you may re-post the introductory paragraph or your own introduction, and then link to the original article. If you are unsure about what you can post, please ask us.

Thank you.



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