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Men DIAA Rankings Week Of Oct 5

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Men DIAA Rankings Week Of Oct 5

Maryland tied Salisbury, which of course confused things. Linda Zvitkovitz photo.

This past week our picks were pretty good. We got 15 winners right, with one tie (so that's a wrong pick) and one loss; we'll take that.

That, along with last week's results, now influences our DIAA rankings. Jumping into the Top 40 is Middle Tennessee State and Boise State. Dropping from #1 is Bowling Green, which lost to Western Michigan.

St. Joe's is you #1. Dartmouth might have done enough to get there, but it's difficult to rank a team #1 after a loss, even a loss against a really strong DIA team.

The big issue was what to do in the MAC. When a group of teams is relatively equal, and everyone has lost at some point, sometimes you have to throw out a result. In this case, Louisville's 22-17 loss to Cincinnati ends up carrying less weight than Cincinnati's 38-0 loss to IUPUI, and IUPUI's subsequent 48-12 loss to Louisville.

Then we also take a look at some tied games. Right now, with Maryland and Salisbury tying, we've got both teams equal in the rankings because they really haven't played much yet. But with the Towson-Rowan tie, Towson also played Temple, and lost, while Roan beat Temple. They are all very close. The three games between those three were 29-29, 34-31, and 22-17.


GoffRugbyReport Men's D1AA Rankings 2019-20 Oct. 9 2019
  Rank College Team Notes
  1 St. Joseph's Beat WVU, Temple (26)
  2 Dartmouth Lost to Penn State (DIA)
  3 Chico State  
  4 CSULB  
  5 Kennesaw State Beat Kentucky (6)
  6 Western Michigan Beat BGSU (1), Ohio
  7 Western Washington  
  8 Bowling Green Beat U. Notre Dame (D1A), lost to Western Michigan (19)
  9 Lindenwood-Belleville Beat Purdue
  10 West Chester Beat Rowan (21), Delaware
  11 UCF  
  12 Kansas Beat Iowa State (13)
  13 Kentucky Beat Georgia, Lost to Kennesaw State (10)
  14 Virginia Tech Beat NC State (14)
  15 Iowa Beat Nebraska
  16 South Florida  
  17 Iowa State Beat Missouri (38), Lost to Kansas (23)
  18 Tennessee Beat South Carolina
  19 Louisville Beat IUPUI (24)
  20 Mount St. Mary's Beat JMU, Georgetown
  21 NC State Beat Georgetown, Lost to Va. Tech (18)
  22 Alabama  
  23 IUPUI Lost to Louisville (27), Beat Dayton
  24 Cincinnati Beat Dayton, Miami
  25 Rowan Lost to West Chester (16), Tied Towson (34)
  26 Temple Beat WVU, Lost to St. Joseph's (4)
  27 Towson Tied Rowan (21)
  28 Stanford  
  29 Salisbury Tied Maryland (36), beat JMU
  29 Maryland Tied Salisbury (22)
  31 San Diego  
  32 Kansas State Beat Truman State
  33 Fresno State  
  34 Florida State  
  35 MTSU Beat Mississippi State
  36 Brown Beat Cornell
  37 Oregon State  
  38 Missouri Lost to Iowa State (13)
  39 Nevada  
  40 Boise State Beat Washington State, Gonzaga

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