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Fairfield Shocks Greenwich

HS Boys

Fairfield Shocks Greenwich

In a result that was considered quite the shocker around the country, Fairfield Rugby Club defeated Greenwich HS (ranked #7 among single-school teams by Goff Rugby Report) 29-10.

The two teams battled to a close first-half scoreline, with Greenwich smartly recognizing some inexperience in the Fairfield deep three and chipping over the top to space for a try and adding a penalty goal, as well.

But some halftime positional adjustments, and some more advice during a delay for lightning allowed Fairfield to shore up that issue. And up front Fairfield controlled things. The forwards played a determined, physical game, and the Fairfield midfield ran well and defended doggedly. 

Scrumhalf Eric Naposki kept the offense moving, but it was defense that really won the game for Fairfield.

"We had a long goal line stand early in the game, and I think that ramped up their confidence considerably," said Fairfield Assistant Coach Marc Downes. So, despite being down 10-3, Fairfield felt they had the run of play, and a nicely-executed break and offload set up the tying score. The game wasn't over by a long shot. A delay for the weather allowed the coaches to give their players a little more encouragement, and Downes said the message for Fairfield was to hang tough and not to let up on defense.

In the final quarter of the game, Fairfield finally broke through, pushing away tacklers and scoring three times to win 29-10. 

"Fairfield played a great game and deserved the victory," said Greenwich Head Coach Joe Kelly.


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