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Empire Still Up in the Air

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Empire Still Up in the Air

We’re back looking at the Empire Conference because every week there’s a question.

And this week the question is, could Stony Brook get back in the race?

With a forfeit win over Kings Point now on their record, the Seawolves are now 2-1. That may put them 6th in the seven-team league, but they’ve got a game in hand over several of those teams. three teams are 2-2, and Stony Brook gets to play one of those teams, Brockport. After logging some impressive wins early on, Brockport was beaten handily by Fordham thanks to three tries from flanker Max Zhitnik, dropping them to 2-2. Fordham and Binghamton sit at 2-1 in 1st - it's a weird situation when the 1st-place team is 2-1, and the second-to-last team is 2-1 also.

“It’s been a crazy conference,” said Stony Brook Coach Jerry Mirro. “Anyone can win on any day. In the end, that’s good for us, because we’re still in it - and for a team that graduated ten starters, that’s great mews.”

Mirro said his team has been working hard since their loss to Syracuse and he likes what he sees.

Among the players making a break out is Jed Hendrixson, a lock who has the mobility of a back row, and flanker Steve Kopcho is also playing well.

The forwards are coming along, but, said Mirro, the backs need to play a little better.

So could it happen? Certainly. This week Stony Brook's meeting with Brockport will decide for each team whether they will remain in contention for the championship game. Syracuse hosts the US Merchant Marine Academy, and are favored to win that game. And Fordham faces off with Binghamton, with the winner going to 3-1 and on the inside track to play for the conference title.

So how it shakes out:

Fordham or Binghamton will end up in 1st with a 3-1 record (barring a tie).

Syracuse will likely end up 3-2 after this weekend.

Stony Brook will either be 2-2 or 3-1, and Brockport 3-2 or 2-3. If Stony Brook wins and gets to 3-1, then the Seawolves could wind up in 2nd place after the weekend. More likely they will be 3rd, but with a game in hand over Syracuse.

Nothing will be decided until next week.

Empire Games This Weekend

Oct 8 USMMA at Syracuse, and Stony Brook at Brockport

Oct 9 Binghamton at Fordham


Empire Conference W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
Binghamton 2 1 0 120 53 67 2 1 11
Fordham 2 1 0 95 22 73 2 0 10
Syracuse 2 2 0 66 68 -2 2 0 10
Colgate 2 2 0 113 117 -4 1 1 10
Brockport 2 2 0 85 125 -40 2 0 10
Stony Brook 2 1 0 51 49 2 1 0 9
USMMA 0 3 0 33 129 -96 0 0 0

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