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Davis on Journey to Repeat

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Davis on Journey to Repeat

So UC Davis is back to defend the team’s national DIAA championship, and so far it’s all gone well.

Yes the team decided to change coaches, and their old coach, who won a national championship with the Aggies, ends up getting into the US Rugby Hall of Fame, but maybe what Mike Purcell created was such a good platform that the winning couldn’t help but continue. 

Certainly Kal Incendy has been able to win as the the new head coach. 

“We just want to improve, constantly,” Incendy said after his team’s 40-29 defeat of Sacramento State in the Pac West final. “We are staving to improve in every game, trying to stay fit, and play good games. Winning the Pac West, and going undefeated, is good, but it’s really just part of the journey.”

Against Sac State, the Hornets ran out to an early lead, and in fact it was the first time all season that Davis had been behind. They didn’t get all upset about it, though. The Aggies pulled it together, focused on defense, and kept playing.

Led by Ian McCaffrey and Dom Burke in the forwards, and with Bryce Ackermann and Joe Vasilieff playing strong in the backs, they have controlled pretty much every game they’ve played. The supposed turmoil of the coaching change didn’t materialize - at least not on the field. On the field the Aggies remain unified, powerful, and focused. Focused on a national championship? Incendy doesn’t say that.

“I tell them it’s about the journey, not about the end result,” he said. “We’re just working to play a little better, be a little smarter, and capitalize on the strengths we have within the team.”

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