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Citadel Starts Off Running

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Citadel Starts Off Running

Citadel in red-and-white stripes. Jack Strobel photo.

In an early-season non-conference match in the South, the Citadel shut out the University of North Carolina-Charlotte 53-0 to put the rest of the Southern Rugby Conference on notice.

Citadel's new offensive approach netted 53 points. Jack Strobel photo.
Citadel 2015 Jack Strobel photo
Citadel 2015 Jack Strobel photo.

While this wasn’t a league match, it showed all in the region that the Citadel may well be chasing the likes of UNC-Wilmington and Furman for top spot.

“We have 43 returning players,” said Coach Tommy Duffy. “We are starting to get some notice on campus and we feel we have a good team this year.”

Flanker Alex MacDonald and scrumhalf Mike McGaffic led the Citadel attack, and Duffy said he was pleased to see the team’s new-look offense.

“In the past we’ve been known for a forward-oriented, kind of smashmouth approach,” said Duffy. “This year we worked with the players who stayed in the area over the summer and worked on our back play and our passing. They showed well. We used to have players who, when they were in space, would look for contact and often owe possession. Now we’re learning to attack the space.”

Next up for Citadel will be UNC-Wilmington, and that will certainly be a test of where they are as a program.


Here are the Southern Conference league games:

9/12/2015 Citadel at UNC-Wilmington
9/12/2015 Coastal Carolina at Furman
9/12/2015 East Carolina at Appalachian State
9/12/2015 Elon at UNC-Charlotte
9/12/2015 Lander at College of Charleston
9/12/2015 Western Carolina at UNC-Greensboro
9/19/2015 Furman at College of Charleston
9/19/2015 UNC-Greensboro at Elon
9/19/2015 Citadel at Lander
9/26/2015 Appalachian State at UNC-Charlotte
9/26/2015 Citadel at Furman
9/26/2015 College of Charleston at Coastal Carolina
9/26/2015 Elon at East Carolina
9/26/2015 UNC-Wilmington at Lander
10/3/2015 Appalachian State at Elon
10/3/2015 Citadel at Coastal Carolina
10/3/2015 Lander at Furman
10/3/2015 UNC-Charlotte at UNC-Greensboro
10/3/2015 UNC-Wilmington at College of Charleston
10/3/2015 Western Carolina at East Carolina
10/16/2015 East Carolina at UNC-Greensboro
10/17/2015 Furman at UNC-Wilmington
10/17/2015 College of Charleston at Citadel
10/17/2015 Lander at Coastal Carolina
10/17/2015 Western Carolina at UNC-Charlotte
10/24/2015 Elon at Western Carolina
10/24/2015 UNC-Charlotte at East Carolina
10/24/2015 College of Charleston at UNC-Wilmington
10/24/2015 UNC-Greensboro at Appalachian State


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