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Another Big Win for Fairfield

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Another Big Win for Fairfield

Edward Santandrea photo.

The Fairfield Pegasi club followed up their high-profile win over Greenwich HS last week with a relatively convincing defeat of Fairfield Prep Wednesday in Rugby Connecticut action.

For Fairfield, this is just one more step in the development of a club that has seen expansion in two directions - young, down to U10s, and old, merging with what used to be the Connecticut Yankees men’s club and making them the Fairfield Yankees.

Head Coach Bob Ehles said starting players very young has helped his HS team now.

“We’ve got a lot of kids who have been playing together for at least four years, and some going back to middle school,” Ehles said. “They’re a tough group, and the name of the game is defense.”

Ehles said the other key to his teams strength is that “we have athletes top to bottom. We’ve got eight forward who can run. If anybody gets a bit of space, he can go the distance.”

Witness one try against Greenwich when a prop pick-and-go ended 60 meters later. 

Beating Greenwich and Fairfield Prep in quick succession has no bearing on the Connecticut club league, because single-school and club are separated in the Nutmeg State. But it’s certainly an indication of who might be the best HS club in the area.


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