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Aircraft Charter Solutions PoW - Dylan Goulding

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Aircraft Charter Solutions PoW - Dylan Goulding

Clemson University may have won their opening conference games by huge margins, so maybe there wasn’t any dramatic comeback to performance that made the difference, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any special performances.

For the Tigers on Friday, the key to success was a full embracing of their game plan, and an unselfish approach, That was epitomized by Dylan Goulding, who played outside center for Clemson. Goulding recorded 12 lines breaks against Wake Forest, any one of which might have been raised a temptation to keep it and go for the try. And while Goulding scored one, he dished off most of the time, setting up tries for teammates five times.

The junior management major carried the ball 16 times, and made ground every single time. He made 15 tackles, with no misses, and every tackle knocked a Wake player backward. He committed no turnovers. 

It was as good a performance as you could ask for.

Goulding grew up learning rugby in Singapore, and the grounding in the game has stood him in good stead at Clemson. 

“He’s just a great kid,” said Clemson Head Coach Steve Lynch, “and he’s been instrumental in our community outreach as well.”

Sometimes the stats do tell the tale. Dylan Goulding is our Aircraft Charter Solutions Player of the Week. 


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