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All Americans Get Acquainted

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All Americans Get Acquainted

The Collegiate All Americans are in training at Dartmouth College, taking advantage of the outstanding fields and clubhouse on campus.

This is a new training venue for many of the western players, and of course many of these players don't know each other all that well ... until now.

St. Mary's has the largest contingent of players, but Gaels skipper Cooper Maloney said it's important that his teammates don't just gravitate to each other.

"The Saint Mary's guys are pretty spread out so, along with everyone else, we'll be learning how to work with different players and their unique styles of play," Maloney told the Goff Rugby Report. "I am lucky to still have Kingsley McGowan inside of me at 13 so we have a connection that has grown strong throughout the year.  He is a lethal weapon and I have learned how to work off his line breaks."

The backline will try to keep it simple as they only have about a week and a half to prepare for a Cambridge University side that has been together all year. 

Maloney acknowledges that the All Americans players don't know each other all that well, and that could hurt them, but they can also work to make up for it.

"Of course we like to throw in a little spice here and there, but most of that will just come naturally from the high concentration of talent of each player individually," said Maloney.  "In practice, we have been looking pretty sharp so I am excited to see how things will turn out.  Working with this new team is taking some getting used to, but they are all great players so we work together pretty well from the start.  It is a team full of characters, each adding his own addition to the team– definitely a good group of guys that are willing to put in a lot of hard work."  

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